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What does the Flag mean? Give your answers to Mr Welcome, Head of Mandela House next week and earn 5 Pillar Points.


Our very own Alex, staring in series Breeders, starts 27th May.  Get an insight here:


A group of students have started a four week programme with Peak Performance. They will learn to box and become more aware of exercises for their


Retrieval Do Nows have proved to be very effective long term and working enhancers. Pupils store what they think hard about.


Wishing the a well deserved restful and peaceful weekend


Retweetd From Chobham PE Dept

Well done to the sixth form Football Academy for another positive performance yesterday, coming away with a 4-2 victory against Sir George Monoux College. Goal scorers: Kabir ⚽️ Jason ⚽️ Emmanuel ⚽️ Idris ⚽️


Retweetd From Chobham PE Dept

Finally some athletics! 😫🙌 The students are finally back on both the track and field this term 🥳. Mr Okunja’s year 8 boys had their first ever javelin lesson as they focused on the technique of both handling & releasing of the javelin. 🎈🎈


We would like to apologise for any technical issues encountered this evening at our virtual PCE. We will be investigating this in full and ensure that all affected appointments are re-scheduled.

06/05/21 12s were discussing these social trends in lesson today


Another ‘Well done!’ postcard making its way to a deserving student!!!


is proud to have both development team and our own for boys . from the teams are studying on both A level and CTEC pathways and are exemplary role models to our younger students


Elena in Y8 has been her peers how to build parts of robots and program them to perform complex but fun tasks.


- what are adults voting for today? at home what is being for, how and why.


- this terms topic is healthy relationships? Ask your son/ daughter what makes a healthy relationship with their peers and how they interact with one another online


Excellent example of Year 11 artwork


Congratulations to our amazing Y13 A-Level Drama students on their component 2 exam


Congratulations to and who have now completed all of their formal in the exam hall. They are now focussed on their in-class assessments for the next three weeks. Finally on the !


Outstanding work by our and Intervention groups today!


A huge well done to our Top 5 Forms for their excellent attendance last week. Keep up the excellent work! 7A2, 8H5, 9B3, 10A1, 11R8

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Latest News

    Posted on May 4th 2021

    Celebrating Modern Foreign Languages at Harris Academy Chobham

    It is our privilege to reflect on the academic year so far, celebrate student achievement and look ahead at the next few months.

    Scientific studies have found that speaking two or more languages is a great asset to our cognitive processing. 

    At Harris Academy Chobham, we believe that equipping students with one or more foreign languages develops their cognitive abilities across all other subjects. Also, learning a foreign language enhances students’ ability to communicate in all environments. All students also explore cultural similarities and differences with British traditions, which provide a better understanding of the world.

    As part of their language provision, your child has the opportunity to use and explore new technologies which will show students how languages can be applied in various professional contexts. Through learning a Modern Foreign Language, students will have access to applying to leading universities. So as well as being culturally enriching, speaking a foreign language enhances the functionality of our brains boosting our problem solving ability.

    Additional benefits are outlined in the article below:

    At the end of Year 9, all students are provided with the opportunity to continue with both languages, into Year 10 before they choose the language, or languages, they will be studying at GCSE in order to qualify for the EBacc. At the end of Year 11, your son/daughter will be provided with the opportunity to continue with Mandarin for Pre-U and Spanish for A-Level. The facilities and learning support for languages at Chobham are excellent. in regards to support, we aim to provide additional sessions with Language Support Assistants and targeted interventions during the week, weekends and holidays. We also ensure that new technologies are accessible (Language Perfect) and we provide regular booklets and resources for students to work independently.


    The Mandarin department has continued to build on the success of online learning by assessing student progress to identify and address gaps in knowledge. Students review and reflect on their learning through self-assessment and by responding to teachers' green pen marking with red pen.

    Currently, Year 8 are learning about school life and colours, enabling them to describe school uniforms. Year 9 is learning how to describe holiday experiences by utilising the past tense. Extension tasks require students to master all three tenses, which will form an integral part of their GCSE preparation. At KS4, Year 10 has already started attending intervention sessions to perfect their writing skills.

    Year 12 have completed a range of topics focussed on their education and are producing writing comparing the educational systems of China to that of the UK.

    We are looking forward to Year 6 students participating in our transition sessions to prepare them for next year. These sessions will take place in the Summer term.


    Our Year 11 students have been extremely dedicated to achieving the highest possible results in the summer and have been revising and working hard for the topic-based examinations they have been doing this month. Student engagement and motivation have been high, and the provisional outcomes are extremely pleasing. Students will do their speaking endorsement this week and we are looking forward to hearing them speak Spanish with confidence! This will surely be a positive experience for them.

    Year 10 are exploring the environment, more specifically how our everyday choices impact the challenges the world is facing.

    Year 9 is exploring the Spanish Culture by ‘visiting’ various festivals, researching a range of customs in the Spanish world, and discovering traditional Spanish food! What better aspect than food when you study a language?

    Key Stage 3 are currently working on using a range of adjectives to describe their local area, where they live and their school. As part of Careers week, Year 7 attended an online workshop hosted by the Spanish Embassy. Below, a few quotes from the students:

    "In the Spanish Embassy's website, you can access a lot of free resources such as activities, songs, posters and other reading materials."

    "Spanish is an asset for education, business, culture, communication and travelling purposes."

    "For example, Spanish opens opportunities of trade and business with Spanish speaking countries in Spain, South America and Africa."

    Upcoming events

    Harris Academy Chobham will be celebrating the European Day of languages on the 26th September 2021. Please find below a link to the official website where you can find a range of resources, fun activities and interesting facts:


    The Academy presence on Twitter is growing rapidly. Please follow us, as well as the MFL department on @chobhamacademy, as this is the ideal platform to celebrate student achievement.

    Thank you,

    Ms Gao and Mr Theau

    Subject Leads for Mandarin and Spanish