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Retweetd From Mr Rees-Flynn

Some good advice for students returning from next week


Pathway advice from a language undergraduate : "Studying at uni involves a year abroad where you get to use the language." "Studying gives you a lot of transferable skills." "When we interview you show that you are passionate about languages."


On the Spanish Embassy's website, you can access a lot of free teaching resources such as activities, songs, posters and other reading materials


Elijah sent in some incredible Drama work this week! The pupils were tasked with creating an original advert for something that they are passionate about, using all their drama skills that they have ben working on, including monologue work and lip syncing.


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We're recruiting! Tender is looking for an enthusiastic Projects Assistant aged 18-25 years to support the delivery of our frontline work. This is a full time, 1-year fixed term role, kindly funded by . Apply here:


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On we are thanking 🙏 all of our amazing staff, we are very excited to be expanding our employee base with our new in opening with the support of .com, tap the link to find out more:


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New: The video for 'I Know I Have A Heart' from has been released! Performed by who will play the titular role in the new musical Cinderella.


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Too many children have missed out on reading during lockdown. You can help open up new worlds through reading. 📖


you have been working hard preparing for your upcoming mocks! To help with your well-being and success follow these Top 10 sleep Tips


To find short stories in Spanish, you can go to The Fable Cottage. You will find bilingual stories with translations and exercises.


"Feliz día del libro a todos los estudiantes y profesores - happy book day to all students and teachers. To celebrate world book day try to read a book/ a short story in another language. You can see Ms Fitipaldi's option: Harry Potter auf Deutsch - in German! "


don't forget to refer to our theme this week comes to an end


Get ready and spring assessments start w/c 15th March.


Pillar Points!!! Our Top 10 Tutor Groups - Well done, Mr Planas and 9B3 for being ! 9B3 and 9R8 were a close second and third.


After so long off school, it is completely natural to feel anxious about returning. This article will help you address your concerns in a practical and positive way.

05/03/21 To end online learning, students were encouraged to watch this video to delve more deeply into the work of John Bowlby's outstanding contribution to attachment theory.#vrituallearning


During period 5 some of our students discovered various types of technology and materials; that were used through a fascinating live webinar with Anna Ploszajski, when she swam the English Channel.


and attended the academy site today for test 1 of 3.


Despite studying at home KS3 Mandarin students continue to show integrity in their learning and have even been marking their work with red pen and highlighting key words to assist their learning.


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Bridgerton series. Book 3: An Offer from a Gentleman

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Independent Learning

At Chobham Academy, we place a high emphasis on developing our students as learners. As well as being interested and engaged in the classroom, we want to help nurture young people who are able to learn for themselves and who enjoy learning.

We are conscious that Chobham students will move on from school into an exciting, fast-changing world filled with opportunities. Our students will be truly global citizens and it is vital that they are equipped with the skills to learn effectively throughout their lives.

So what are these Independent Learning skills we are seeking to cultivate?

Firstly, curiosity; we want to develop students who love learning for its own sake. Young children are excited to find out about the world around them. The most frequent question they ask is ‘why?’ This is partly why young children learn quickly. We want to maintain this excitement and interest in learning as our students move through their secondary careers.

Next, resilience; young people need to be able to work things out for themselves and to know what they should do when they encounter difficulties in their learning. Getting stuck is part of the learning process. At Chobham, we want to help students become problem solvers with the determination and strategies to persist until they have found a way to make progress.

Resourcefulness is also very important. At Chobham, we seek to develop young people who can think for themselves and do so under pressure. We want our students to be able to look at issues from differing perspectives and choose the best resource to find solutions.

Effective study skills make a big difference too. Our students will be more confident and successful learners if they know how to study for themselves. Learning and revision techniques form a key part of our wider curriculum at Chobham. We also emphasise to students the importance of being able to study effectively alone as well as in a classroom environment.

We also encourage our students to have a wide range of interests, both in and out of school. In particular, reading for pleasure is an excellent way of building up a reservoir of knowledge, understand and emotional literacy.

The development of life long Independent Learning skills also has a practical value in school. Students become better problem solvers in their lessons and their concentration improves. They are also better prepared to revise alone, thus creating a positive impact upon examination results.


Also, on a practical level, we set homework for all students at Chobham and expect them to complete it regularly and to the best of their ability.