Wishing you a safe and blessed Eid Ul Adha with happiness and health. Eid mubarak everyone!


A great CPD led by our Head of Year 13 on using MS teams for teaching and learning full of discussion, engaging activities and practical ideas.


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Had a great time chatting with the students about a career as a family lawyer


visited the Academy today and provided an opportunity for our students to develop some key skills


inspired the next generation of entrepreneurs via a challenge


The annual academy performance is back with critical acclaim…Mr Mirza's... ‘A beautifully produced, exceptionally choreographed, and exquisitely performed take on a crowd favourite.’ 'Olivia!' is a must see! £5 tickets on the door. Get here early so as not to be disappointed 🤩


An useful articles shared from one of our trainees ' 5 Quick Classroom-Management Tips for Novice Teachers'. These tips were trailed, tested and proved to be very effective!


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Amazing finale to our conference with a performance from our pupils


Our Prefects were tasked with awarding praise cards during our year 6 transition day- using praise to raise confidence


What system do you follow when planning a new scheme of work? Our middle leaders discussed the key active ingredients and which comes first


Our Lead Teacher for EAL led a great CPD session on the importance of seeing EAL learners and how we reflect on the challenges they face on a daily basis. Our trainees also looked at the impact of translating to home languages and modelling language.


Any specific concerns please contact the relevant Head of Year.


We will continue to provide face-to-face learning as we have done during previous strikes. We expect students to do their best to get to school in a timely manner, the vast majority of our students live within a mile of the academy.


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We are so pleased that was recognised for her dedication to at this week's . Read our full report on Meena's work with students:


Based on his research from Matt Bromley's 'five ways of making teacher explanations work', Mr Bale delivered a CPD on 'explaining & modelling'. He provided our trainees with some tangible strategies they could use in their practice so that all students could access the learning.


As an all-through school our curriculum is planned from Early Years through to Post-16. Our primary and secondary subject leads meet regularly to discuss curriculum and progression. This morning our maths leads met and discussed their curriculum. ⁦


Yesterday and today Year 10 students carried out fieldwork at Walton-on-the-Naze for


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🔦 SPOTLIGHT ON FACILITATORS 🔦 Meet Graeme Eyre - our School-Led Facilitator with ! 😀 Find out more about Graeme & what makes him proud to be a Facilitator here: 🖱️ | |


Our Lead Practitioner Jennie Stephens led an amazing, interactive session on the use of praise as a behaviour management tool. The aim of this session was to highlight the use of effective praise, the most powerful forms and how this can promote a growth mindset.


For today's Monday we are looking at the importance of empathy using 's video of 's brilliant talk:

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















    A Mindful Approach

    Here at Harris Academy Chobham we adopt a mindful approach in all aspects of academy life.  It teaches both our staff body and students the skills of self-awareness and self-regulation which have been shown to impact positively on personal development at any age.  These skills are complementary to social and emotional learning, which is concerned with developing young people’s ability to build relationships, communicate effectively, make appropriate decisions, builds self-esteem and promoting positive behaviour.

    A mindful approach to personal development aligns with our core aims and the key characteristics of a growth mind-set, which allows the students to go beyond what is expected, challenging themselves to make change and become successful. 

    Explicitly focussing on leading our students to adopt a growth mind-set means that they will:

    • Embrace lifelong learning
    • Believe intelligence can be improved
    • Put in more effort to learn
    • Believe effort leads to mastery
    • Believe failures are just temporary setbacks
    • View feedback as a source of information
    • Willingly embraces challenges
    • View others’ success as a source of inspiration
    • View feedback as an opportunity to learn

    By incorporating a mindful approach to learning our students learn how to be more ‘present’ and therefore find it easier to remain focussed, more effectively draw on their existing knowledge and thus improve their overall performance.  It ensures that the six Academy values are embedded within the daily diet of the young people at Chobham: curiosity, empathy, excellence, honesty, inclusion and respect.

    By adopting regular mindfulness practice into our daily routines at Chobham we are having a positive impact on how well our young people focus, pay attention and participate in their learning.  The mindfulness approach to learning at Chobham enhances memory, a central Academy learning attribute. 

    A mindful approach the Chobham Way

    • Dedicated calm, quiet space for deeper reflection and connection to the breath in the Wellness Hub. 
    • Daily reflections through the Assembly and tutor programme.
    • Role modelling a ‘mindful moment’ across all areas of the Academy life from the curriculum delivery to the behaviour for learning strategies.
    • Weekly wellness sessions as part of the tutor programme.
    • Mindfulness enrichment session for year’s 7 to 10.
    • The Key Stage 5 Youth Leadership Team are completing a mindful based practice training programme called ‘Selfology’ .
    • Personal development programmes – Strengthening Minds, XLP and peer mentoring.
    • Positive affirmations displayed around the academy as constant reminders of their self-worth.

    To read the full extent to which we adopt a ‘Mindful Approach’ at the Academy click here.

    Mindfulness Practice

    We use four simple techniques to practice mindfulness at the Academy. Click here to try them for yourselves.



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